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Thursday, January 31, 2013


High Ceiling Decorating Ideas

High ceiling homes are impressive, but what are the tricks of the trade when it comes to decorating these vast, lofty expanses? We’ve gathered together some of the best examples to walk you through it

Hang pendant lighting on long cord extensions so that the shades can be enjoyed at normal viewing height, as lights suspended at too high a level will only be overlooked and go to waste.

But this needn’t be the case if you have a bigger arrangement that is more than capable of standing out on its own.
Via Designer Raymond Chen
Chandeliers for high ceilings always look amazing when picked in generous proportions as their complex designs demand attention, and their sparkle looks expensive. Alternatively, you can install track lighting that isn’t meant to be a focal point, but is easily moveable over long areas for useful task lighting as and when needed, even if you should have a quick furniture change around.

High walls can, and should be, utilized as extended storage areas; an ideal example of this is the installation of a home library that not only takes full advantage of the added stacking space but looks attractive, warm and homey as well. Don’t forget the addition of a home library ladder too though or you will be left feeling frustrated every time you find the need to get the step ladders back out of the shed to reach that much needed hardback edition on a high shelf; top shelves up in the rafters can be used for storing little used keepsake editions that you just can’t seem to bare to part with, or for displaying art and artifacts far from the reach of clumsy visitors!

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High Ceiling Decorating Ideas



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