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Monday, December 28, 2015


Small Hotel in Spain Combines Rustic and Contemporary Details

architecture charming hotelThis small hotel, designed by Lucas and Hernández-Gil Architects, was developed in two old houses.  Located in a charming medieval village in Segovia, Spain, Hotel Ayllón features a combination of rustic and contemporary elements. The project developers sought to preserve the original details of these dwellings.
“The main idea was to create a simple and sober effect,” the designers said. “The site itself provides calmness, with shades of color that give freshness just like the poppies in the Castilian wheat fields. The route to the hotel is a great experience for guests because it unveils the complexity of the surrounding medieval architecture.”
charming hotel (2)The hotel has 18 rooms and three common dining areas. A courtyard unites the two remodeled houses. Wood was used extensively throughout the interiors, creating a warm and comfortable feel.
Contemporary furniture and splashes of color add personality. The attic rooms are particularly welcoming, with their cottage-like ambiance and windows overlooking the medieval village. [Photos by Jara Varela]
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